In a continuing effort to make sure you have everything about Panama in one place we have made a few changes to the site.

  • We added links to all your favorite online newspapers under the category News. As always if you have any favorites we left out let us know at and we will add it in.
  • As well under the first column “Home” we added a All Places page and a All Events . There you will be able to see all places in all categories listed and on the map all in one place you then drill down by selecting the sub category or you can just zoom in and find out what’s in that area on the map. This is a great way to plan a whole trip with attractions, restaurants and hotels all on one map and don’t forget every place has the simple Waze one click to take you there.

Dont forget any suggestions or things you would like added to the site please forward them to us at


Changes 30 Aug