ACOBIR – Association of Real Estate Brokers and Developers

Since its inception in late 1973, the Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Developers (ACOBIR), has executed an important job on behalf of the interests of the Real Estate industry. This has been done with the cooperation of all Members that believe and share their vision and mission.

The Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Developers (ACOBIR), is a nonprofit organization that brings together the most prestigious Real Estate Brokerage and Developer Companies.

Our contributions to the industry include participating in the legislative proposals for the establishment of incentives, cooperation in the enactment of laws for traditional benefits for the sector, and our participation in various national and collective issues, leave no doubt of the important role that ACOBIR plays in benefit of all us who are part of this great industry.

Moreover, the organization of seminars, forums and fairs, for the promotion and marketing of Real Estate and their services, are part of ACOBIR’s contribution to our industry.

ACOBIR is national member of the National Council of Private Enterprises (CONEP), U.S. Business Council – Panama (USPA), Panamanian Chamber of Tourism (CAMTUR) and the Construction Industry Intergremial Alliance (AIIC), nationally.

Our international affiliations range from, The International Federation of Realtors (FIABCI), based in France, which unionizes over a thousand members, mainly from the European continent, The National Association of Realtors (NAR), based in the United States, with thousands of partners throughout the United States and the rest of the world, and the Central American Federation, Panama and the Caribbean of Chambers and Real Estate Brokers (FECEPAC) which unionizes all Central American and some Caribbean countries.

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They also periodically give classes on getting your real estate license, to actually get your license you have to take the test with the government office Emprende you can click here to see that office on pour web site as well.