Albrook Mall is the GREATEST mall and FUNEST in Panama.

With bright colors, exotic animal decorations, balloons, Panamanian family banners, music and spectacular Italian carousel, we have created a magical atmosphere for entertaining the whole family.

Albrook Mall offers a variety of fun activities for the whole family.


Fun Facts

Did you know that Albrook Mall has approximately the same number of employees having the Panama canal.

If one walks by Albrook Mall and takes 10 minutes in each local (not counting food establishments) are tadraria 56 hours to go through all the Mall.

They take approximately 5,592 steps to Albrook Mall, with that same ride can climb off the Empire State Building 2 times and still walk a couple of blocks in New York.

On an average weekend Albrook Mall receives 4 times more viewers receives “Rommel Fernández” Soccer Stadium during a game.

Albrook Mall is surrounded by enough tropical palms skirt 5.6 km of Beach Coast.

If you put in a straight line all the tiles used on the floors of Albrook Mall, you can go the Amador Causeway and back.

When a family comes to Albrook Mall, 55 options you have to eat. All will be satisfied!

Albrook Mall believes in the beautiful colors of our walls are. With the amount of paint that we use to keep vivid colors, approximately 382 homes 4 bedrooms could be painted.

Railroad circulating “Foodcourt Carousel” Albrook Mall, runs in 1 day the same distance from “Indianápolis Motors Speedway” career track.

If you have a craving for something sweet, they come to Albrook Mall and you’ll find more than 10 shops specialized in desserts and coffee.

36 Football fields can be built in Albrook Mall area.

When one thinks of Sydney Australia, the first thing that comes to mind is the great House of Opera in the city’s port. Inside Albrook Mall you can build 5 times this wonder of the world.

With the number of steps we have in Albrook Mall, you can up and down the Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Albrook Mall you will find more than 40 heraldic flags of Panamanian families.

The Christ the Redeemer in Brazil is one of the wonders of the world. Using the same amount of concrete with built Albrook Mall could be raised approximately 44 statues of “Christ the Redeemer”.

If you walk back and forth Albrook Mall, so touring 2. 4 km, it would burn approximately 204 calories.

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