The Panamanian Chinese Cultural Center is a partnership of civic cultural nonprofit founded in Panama City in 1980 with the following objectives:

  • Promoting Chinese communities together Panamanian increasing socio-cultural activities, educational, economic and joining the community and Panamanian tradition.
  • Encourage nonprofit and raise the level of sophistication of the members of the center and the Chinese-Panamanian community through cultural activities.
  • Ensure the rights of members of the Chinese-Panamanian community in and out of it.
  • Increasing human relations among members of the center and other community organizations.
  • Organize, regenerate and manage a school.
  • To promote, establish and administer a Chinese park.

The School Center has three (3) major sections: Nursery, General Elementary and Middle. Besides this, it has a Auditorium Gym, Pool, Nursing and Laboratories: Languages, Computer, Typing, Home Education, Audio Visual, Social Sciences and Sciences.



1.     Students who cancel the annual total cost before February 28 will receive a 5% discount educational allowance .February.     Tuition is paid on site.   Monthly fees will be direct payments to Banco General , during the ten (10)days of each month.   ‘s delinquency starts on the 11th of each month, there will be a surcharge of 10% of the delinquent account.   To file quarterly examinations must make payment according to the schedule described in paragraph 6 below.March.     Students who withdraw 30 days before the start of classes will be reimbursed for the FULL PAYMENT OF YOUR REGISTRATION, less 10% handling.   If you withdraw during the first month of class, the refund will be 50% after this period there are no refunds (tuition or fee.)   Student Withdrawal and refund request must be in writing and signed by the parent or guardian.

April.     brothers If enrolled in the College paying full monthly by the same guardian, discounts of educational allowance are: 3 children: the third child   (10%), 4 children or more:   the first 3 children pay full , the 4th, 5th or 6th child onwards has a special discount.   Discounts are exclusively of the monthly educational and other monthly expenses.

May.     In cases of students with scholarships and special payments are exempted only the monthly payment of educational and other costs be paid monthly in a lump sum before starting classes .  Must be in good standingat the start of classes in March.   For quarterly reviews must be in good standing of ALL monthly installments.EXTENSION NO .

June.     For easy payment annuity (charged an annuity and not monthly) has been divided into ten (10) installments, payable monthly.  The 1st installment due on March 10 independent school starts.   ‘s share nine wins November 10.   To file quarterly reviews, the fees must be paid according to the following schedule: Ist quarter fee 4 inclusive, II nd quarter share including 7, IIIrd quarter share 9 inclusive which expires November 10.   This is the last date for be in good standing. The student will bring the book to the day payment is your good standing to file quarterly reviews.

July.     This is a private choice of education.   Favor organize your finances.   No extension.


Requirements for Pre-Kindergarten


  1. Fill out the entry form.
  2. School Birth Certificate (original).
  3. Health Certificate.
  4. Two (2) passport-sized photos.
  5. The age to enter Pre-Kindergarten is 4 years and kindergarten is 5 years, both met the April 1, ages prescribed by the Ministry of Education.
  6. Attend SUMMER COURSE leveling required.
  7. In order to register you must meet ALL of the requirements of registration, including the leveling of Summer.
  8. There are no quotas for the other grades.