Founded in 1975, Paitilla Medical Center is an essential pillar in the development of the Health Sector in Panama. It is a private hospital, with the highest standards of attention. CMP has a prestigious group of professional from all the medical specialties, with a staff of over 500 people, and it was founded to offer the community, medical and hospital services by excellence. Since the year 2001, it forms part of the Global Compact Net of the United Nations, Panama Chapter, supporting the concept of Social Business Responsibility.

Before its founding, the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) signed an agreement to assess the administration of Paitilla Medical Center and give support to our personnel, with its training programs, developing a permanent relation and tight collaboration with this organization, who owns one of the leading and most solids chains of hospitals in the world.

In 1983, as a result of this tight bond, the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) acquired Paitilla Medical Center, which contributed to strengthen the American standards of our organization in every aspect, including medical and administrative. Later, HCA restructured its operations and Paitilla Medical Center became a subsidiary of International Hospital Corporation (HCI). In 1991, HCI merged with the largest company of hospitals of London, England, BIO-PLAN. In 1993, Paitilla Medical Center comes back to Panamanian stockholders hands.

In 1994, an agreement of mutual collaboration was signed with The Methodist Health Care Network Inc., of Houston, Texas, in 1996, with the Baptist Health Systems of South Florida and in 1997, an agreement of affiliation with the Jimenez Diaz Foundation of Madrid, Spain.

All these organizations which had a relationship with Paitilla Medical Center, helped create in our organization, a culture committed to excellence.

Since 2001, Paitilla Medical Center maintains an academic agreement with the Cleveland Clinic of Cleveland, Ohio, one of the three best hospitals in the United States of America, according to U.S. News and World Report, whose center for heart illnesses has been recognized as number one in the United States of America, for 15 consecutive years.

The philosophy of the hospital remains unchanged since its beginning and is described in the following phrase, that inspired and motivated the founders of Paitilla Medical Center and still inspires those who work in the hospital business: “In this masterpiece that we offer to the Panamanian community, the desire and effort of the few is crystallized, for the restoration and perseverance of others health,”