Multicentro Mall

Has 8 rooms

Our Rooms

Cinemark rooms are equipped with the best design and the best available technology. All our rooms are stadium type, reclining seats, giant screens of wall to wall, digital audio, digital 3D and access for people with disabilities.

Thinking about your safety, we use the highest quality finishes and construction materials. Our theatres have high standards of quality and safety. These are requirements of our headquarters in Dallas Texas, so our designs include lighting floor lamps of emergency, evacuation and fire systems.

 Digital XD Room

    • · XD is Cinema Digital end
    • · Screen giant and silver, with 100% digital projection to view movies in 2D and 3D
    • · Projection with 34,000 lumens light output, to see clear, bright images.
    • · Excellent line of sight from anywhere in the room
    • · Sound system with 11 next generation amplifiers, more than 30 speakers and 55,000 watts of power vrs 5,000 watts from a normal room
    • · Armchair Premium aligned in opposite direction of the wave of sound, for a more compact sound and a better acoustic reaction
    • · Enjoy cinema DIGITAL end, in the new Hall XD, exclusively at Cinemark Gran Vía in El Salvador, CityMall San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa in Honduras and Multicentro in Panama, Albrook Mall

Tecnologías y servicios

    New generation fully digital entertainment! With bright images and 3D Ultra-realistic
    The best digital room of the country. Giant screen, 55,000 watts of power and chairs premium for an immersive experience.
    Digital presentations clear and sharp whenever shown! Digital 2D and 3D content.
    Access for people with disabilities.
   All the seats in the Auditorium just higher than the seats are in front of them