With over 60 years of existence, the San Fernando Hospital Clinic is proud to be the oldest private hospital in the Republic of Panama and at the same time the most powerful. Her four wards, intensive care, surgical preparation, five surgery suites, recovery from anesthesia, endoscopy, dialysis unit, emergency rooms of both adults and children, specialized clinical laboratory, blood bank, Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center noninvasive, Department of Nuclear Medicine, MRI of 1.5 Tesla, 64-slice CT, Cardiac Catheterization suite, 4D ultrasound, Nuclear bone densitometry, the intra-hospital pharmacy equipped with a dressing room and sterile intravenous medication system unidosis, and the only pediatric room in Panama.

Also we have three medical office buildings located in the perimeters of the Hospital where 600 specialists attend, ensuring the availability and continuous exchange of experience and knowledge. We have 111 beds semi-private and private suites where our 830 employees including doctors, technicians, nurses, nursing technicians, administrators, accountants, engineers and support staff (laundry, nutrition, toilet) are constantly monitoring to provide human qualities and dedication to our medical services.

Through our facilities we provide an open multidisciplinary and individualized attention, administered with great effect and warmth. We maintain a working group of high level of consciousness and high sense of motivation, commitment and productivity to achieve the goal of excellence in health. As a result of our strong purposes, we developed in the framework of a methodology to complete ever diseáñada shareholders satisfied customers served and participate in an efficient hospital whose staff is known for its natural and human evolution it serves both health and in the disease.