Who is La Salle?

THE Salle is an institution established in almost 100 countries dedicated to education. The La Salle Center named after San Juan Bautista de La Salle who, at the end of the s. XVII was associated with a few teachers to keep schools dedicated to poor children. With them he founded the Institute of the brothers of the Christian schools.

Juan Bautista and these teachers, living and reflecting together, came to share the same spirit that filled their educating task of sense. Those teachers became brothers, who are devoted to God in community and commit themselves to live together and by Association to the educational service of the poor.

The word “Brother” is not only a term that applies to a few religious, but that is the concept that best defines the educational environment of La Salle. De La Salle Brothers are lay persons consecrated to God, we are not priests. We are men, we express through religious vows our full availability to educational works taking the Gospel as the main purpose and environment.

Education, today as yesterday, is a collective task, since all members of the school community gather around a common goal. Each Lasallian school, on the other hand, does not work in isolation, but it is called upon to maintain a close relationship with the other centers La Salle and with the social, cultural, economic and ecclesial environment.

Today, after more than three centuries, the brothers of the Christian schools, with other secular educators, priests and others, joined the work of La Salle, in degrees and different modes, to share the Lasallian educational mission.

Lasallian Doctrinal framework

The community education of the Colegio De La Salle, presents our Doctrinal framework, which justifies our Panamanian educational ideology, for this purpose we know our philosophy and principles that we support for the training of children and young people entrusted to us in our care and in the construction of the Kingdom of God in our midst.


“Lasallian institutions and its pedagogy focuses on children and youth, adapt to the era in which live and are concerned to prepare them so they take up his position in society. They are characterized by the desire to reach them through the human formation of quality and the explicit proclamation of Jesus Christ means salvation”. (Rule # 13).

From the person called to communion with God and with men, the Gospel must penetrate in your heart, in their experiences and models of life, their culture and their environment, to make a new humanity with new men and steer them towards a new way of being, judging, living and living together. This is a service that urges us.

“The men of new mentality will recognize the dignity of each person, will be willing to solidarity, commitment and service of the brothers, inserted in the plan of God who is building the Kingdom of peace and justice already from this life.” (Document de Santo Domingo # 313).

Therefore we want to a type of person:


  • · Humanly integrated
  • · To know accept and value itself.
  • · Secure their cultural identity
  • · Open to transcendence
  • · Full of life and hope
  • · Capable of responding to the new challenges of life.
  • · With a solid professional preparation

In religion:

  • · To live a faith deep and committed, based on the experience of the Gospel, generating for the common good.
  • · To promote Gospel values: a man and a woman, who are able to liberate their fellow < < from faith, fraternity, and service > > in ideological and political situations that are detrimental to human dignity.


  • · A person with ability to critical, attentive to the reality, the phenomena of globalization and the manipulation of social media.
  • · Determined to transform from the Gospel, reality, engaging in the search for solutions to the problems of his country and sower of hope Christian as a way of establishing the Kingdom of God in Panama.


Aware of our commitment as Christians and Lasallian educators, in the construction of a better world for future generations and the crisis of values that debate to the family and thus to the Panamanian society, we believe appropriate to the Lasallian school should assume its role, according to the historic moment we are living, and to the kind of society we want to build our work.

Currently we are experiencing urgent of a truly human society.

  • · Free
  • · Solidarity
  • · Democratic
  • · Open to change
  • · Deliberative
  • · Sensitive
  • · Committed to social, ethnic, moral and spiritual values and knowledge.

A society:

  • · Anxious to respond to the various problems: social, political, economic and cultural, through the development of programs in favor of the community.
  • · Where the working classes have greater access to education.
  • · To find that people have a fundamental minimum instruction enabling them to enter into a productive process.
  • · Believers and metaphysical where is made patent the love of God in all men and women.
  • · To promote the free, associative, participative, fraternal and responsible participation.
  • · Eco-conservation, utilization, and improvement of the environment.
  • · With a sound Evangelical sense, moral conscience and critic face reality.
  • · To promote justice, development and culture of peace in the world.
  • · To make the family, being the first cell that makes up the company, on its leading role in the education of their children.
  • · To assume a critical position in the media of mass communication.
  • · Respectful of diversity and the promotion of intercultural relations positive.
  • · That it enhances the culture of love.


A church that announce the Gospel: is forgiveness, justice, love, freedom, fraternity; in a Word, life for women, men and peoples of Panama.


  • · Panama is on the threshold of the rejuvenated hope, in a social context of crisis; therefore seeks to experience a reconciling Church, founded on peace, in fact, respecting the principle of multiculturalism.


  • · A church involving from school pupils, students, professors, teachers, parents, alumni and former students, a commitment to clear and effective with the society, preferably with the poorest, so that what is said or written is translated into concrete actions.


  • · Denounces all that dehumanizes (corruption, kidnappings, wars, exclusion, lack of work, infidelity to the religious and family life…) and announces the good news, with everything that entails.


  • · A church that works with a dynamic that favors the religious experience in festive spirit – celebratory.


  • · Want a church that suits them by their innovative and creative, fitness to changes in society, talking to the questioning of other historic churches and Christian and non-Christian denominations to achieve the desire of Jesus of “that all may be one”.


  • · We need a native Church, embodied in the culture of the peoples, which convey and appropriate values that allow growth in its evangelizing mission; for this you need to know and make known their principles within a framework of mutual respect and solidarity.

Mission and Vision


De La Salle school of Panama is a teaching institution open to the society to evangelize through a comprehensive education in the style of Lasallian spirituality. It has quality human, scientific and technological resources. Educates children and young in the faith, brotherhood, service and commitment to green so they can learn to live the doctrine of Christ, are able to resist social pressures and generate changes that society needs.


Our educational institution, based on the Lasallian ideas, is focused on the promotion of a community humanly integrated, able to be evaluated, accept itself, respecting the biodiversity of the planet, and secure our identity to face the new challenges of life.

We are characterized by a deep spirit of fraternity and social and ecological commitment so we are subject to constant, evaluation processes, allowing us to strengthen us as evangelizing institution at the service of society.


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