The institution is to guarantee the students integral formation through the strengthening of processes and values sustained by a permanent education and .-family support.


The institution is to be one of excellence that is, to form citizens with integrity and efficient academic preparation so as to have a command of the English language and a high social sensibility.

Deliveries of admission

Admissions procedure:

1.Fill out the registration form.
2.Certified medical school form.
3.Certificate of birth for school use.
4.Credits past newsletters and other certificates. (For foreigners: a-Autentificados, b-Convalidados).
5.Two photographs passport-size.
6.Certificate of baptism.
7.Certificate of good conduct.
8.Copy of certificate of 6th grade – 3rd year.
9.Copy of passport (foreigners).
10.Letter from immigration status (foreigners).

Registration procedure:
•Interviews with managers of the school.
•Removal of registration forms.
•Delivery of requested documents (complete).
•Try English to aspiring students.
•Psychological test.
•Approval of the application.
•Payment of tuition.
•The inscriptions are conducted during regular office hours, the third week of January.
•Each registration form must be accompanied by the birth certificate or passport of the student. During registration is assigned the date of examinations for first year students.
•After approving them must enroll in within a week.