El Sótano -The Basement  is an events and concert hall located in the Centre of the city of Panama. Its capacity is of 225 people and has the best technology of digital audio including the Presonus StudioLive 24.4 console and a 2.2 system ElectroVoice capable of recording up to 24 channels of audio simultaneously.

International artists who have appeared in the basement include: Amaral (EspaNA), Superlitio (Colombia), Systema Solar (Colombia), Zopilot! (Costa Rica), Cocofunka (Costa Rica), The Beast (USA), Polar (Costa Rica), The Zeta (Spain), The Pact (USA), among others.

Local groups include: Mr Loop, Carlos Méndez, Cienfue, the shy, Rabanes, TMV, Polyphase, Lemmiwinks, LoLas, the farmers, Lucyfernandez, only Sanchez, Kitsch, Javier Medina Bernal, The Vox, Cellula, roots and culture, Luci, Natural purity, Sisimaki, grape, Raison, 2 Ton Yakama, Lilo Sanchez, not law 55, Sadic, Electric piggy, Belmondo, Jose Andres, italics:, the collective, Samuel Archer and the Caribbean Sweet Band, MDGargage, Grannada, Miyagi, Roho, Ocean, spat, synaesthesia 507, dialect, SK, Gasnell, Chambons, hammerhead, free radicals, Bloodshed, youth rotten, Stormed Bullet, Kam Williams, among others.