Gauchos is an Argentine restaurant in a Spanish style house on Calle Uruguay. It is highly reccomeded for serious carnivores who like their steaks big, juicy and tender. The meat is USDA, but the cuts are mostly Argentine, such as the bife de chorizo, a thick sirloin cut, or thefilete en trozo, a 16-ounce slice of filet mignon. They are served with chimichuri, whereas salads and sides, such as a baked potato, are a la carte. The restaurant also serves corvina,langostinos, and a dozen salads, but the real attraction here is the beef. Big windows surround the kitchen, so you can watch cooks slap slabs of meat onto the grill, or you can admire the cowhides, black-and-white photos, and paintings of gauchos(Argentine cowboys) that adorn the walls.