Welcome to Grill 50

As family and Panamanian company at Grill 50 Restaurant & Bar is committed to the development of Panama as a tourist destination by creating world-class infrastructure, promoting responsible tourism and providing excellent service to our customers. We are committed to provide good quality products and best service to our customers.



The best sporting events you see them on our 38 screens on two branches and ready for you to not miss any time. This slope in our calendar of activities for you to know what the next move!.

You can enjoy the European leagues and cups in Grill 50. Come see the best football games on our screens, this slope we always have promotions, there will be no excuse not to scream GOOOLLLLL!!

If you want to hold your business meetings, birthdays or other activity, we feature three VIP lounges reserved two in the branch of Way October 12 and one in our branch of Via Porras.

The Football League and European Championships

The world over!, But already started leagues and competitions in Europe and all you can see in the Grill 50. Come enjoy the best football games in our private screens, this slope we always have promotions.,, There will be no excuse for not yelling GOOOLLLLL!!



The best fights in the Grill50 have them. Come and enjoy with friends the best fights.