Dear patients and families of Hospital Punta Pacifica.

Welcome to Hospital Punta Pacifica, the first hospital in Latin America and the Caribbean affiliated to Johns Hopkins Medicine International.  Here in Panama, the affiliation between Hospital Punta Pacifica and Johns Hopkins exist solely to ensure that you and your loved ones get the bests healthcare at the highest level of security for patient care to obtain your speedy recovery.  Here, you will be the focus of our attention; we are a customized hospital.

Although you may know us for our high technology or our beautiful recovery center, we want that by the time you are released, you remember us for our warm care and compassion.  You may be assured that you have chosen a hospital able to meet the highest demands and quality standards regarding patient satisfaction and safety.

Experience the healthcare that patients around the world travel especially here to Panama to obtain it.  A high health quality at a good value, provided by the best of health providers in Panama; this is our commitment  to you.

Medical Director
Punta Pacifica Hospital


To offer health services at a private level through the best security and excellence standards based on the best technology and high human quality.


To be a hospital committed with our patients and partners, that provide  an excellent service with specialized  professional attention, proactive attitude and innovative technology to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers; to be leaders in the health care service in Central America and the Caribbean region.

In Hospital Punta Pacifica, we count with the widest rang of medical specialties, formed by a group of more than 350 first line specialists in the diverse branches of medicine.  You may be attended in its more than seven floors, where you will find comfortable medical offices in which you will be attended once you make an appointment with any of our specialists.

You will also find a digital directory in each floor, that will orient you, helping to make your stay at the hospital more pleasant.

Ours Patients

Punta Pacifica Hospital patients are mostly entrepreneurs, executives, experienced tourists and people with national and international medical insurance that require a service of excellence to meet their health needs.

One of our main objectives is to convince citizens from other countries to identify Panama as an attractive and economical solution for medical care.  That translates into offering the highest standards of quality at the best price.

Our Facilities

Punta Pacifica Hospital offers modern facilities, including 51 private rooms,  11 suites and 1 presidential suite, specially designed with relaxed surroundings to achieve a rapid and effective recovery.  For the patient requiring round-the-clock observation, there are 8 private intensive care rooms and 3 private semi-intensive care rooms.  In addition, there is a delivery room equipped with everything necessary to strengthen the mother-infant relationship; there are intelligent-operating theaters suitable for different levels of complexity in outpatient, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, thoracic, aesthetics, bariatric and laparoscopic procedures.

The clinical laboratory is equipped  to conduct highly sophisticated tests, guaranteeing accurate diagnoses in due course.

The Department of Radiology and Imagenology offers an unparalleled digital technology which includes Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); Angiograph, for hemodynamic procedures with the advanced fiat technology, panel in 3 dimensions; nuclear medicine equipment for scintillography with 2 monitors and the sophisticated volumetric computerized tomography with 64 cuts, which apart from being an excellent tool to detect heart failures, has special  fluoroscopy and virtual colonoscopy functions. In addition, it has equipment for bone densitometry used mainly to prevent bone diseases common in women such as osteoporosis.

Complementary services include multicultural facilities, such as the international patient care section, where assistance in several languages is provided, as well as the necessary guidance to plan your trip and that of your family.

Our Hospital

Concerned about the health and welfare of our patients, the medical services of Punta Pacifica Hospital are aimed to optimize the times of care and treatment, guaranteeing them a quick and safe recovery. As keepers of the quality and commitment to our patients, we offer excellent services with specialized and professional care, and innovative technology to guarantee their comfort and satisfaction.

We have several departments, which are always focused on the most current methodologies and resources regarding health care and personalized attention.

Medical Tourism

With soaring health care costs and long waits for medical procedures, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality, affordable treatment.

Whether you want cosmetic surgery or life-saving procedures, you might have to dig deep into your wallet or wait several months before receiving the medical or dental care that you require.

Or you could try medical tourism and receive quality care for a fraction of the price and without the long wait!
Come to Punta Pacifica Hospital

The Punta Pacifica Hospital, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, stands among Central and South America’s most advanced medical center providing quality services in adherence with strict medical guidelines as set forth by its affiliated partner, and recognized by it as the only Hospital selected by Johns Hopkins to represent its medical care philosophy throughout the Central and Southern continent.

At Hospital Punta Pacífica, international patients will find:

1.    An International Marketing Office that has links to the middlemen of health services in various parts of the world.
2.    Highly skilled and bilingual staff.
3.    Offers the following services: preventive medicine and surgical packages, preoperative, post operative and general services.
4.    Coordination for transportation arrangements, lodging and domestic tourism tours.
5.    Coordination for purchase and rental of medical equipment.
6.    Offers competitive market prices.
7.    Customized Service for each and every patient.