VISION  To be the leading utilities in Panama, reaching levels of productivity and profitability that allows us to self-sustainable development and identifying new business opportunities.

MISSION Improve the level of community health, welfare and progress of the country through the provision of potable water and the collection and disposal of sewage, ensuring the conservation of the environment, in order to achieve optimal levels of productivity and efficiency.

OBJECTIVE contribute to maintaining and improving the health, welfare and progress of Panamanians and their communities through the provision of potable water safe collection and disposal of sewage.FUNCTIONProvide drinking water, collect and innocuously dispose sewage in communities over 1,500.

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The address is the main office where you have to go to do most of the paperwork including a Paz y Salvo for any type of loan. They will handle the following:

Balance inquiry. Queries and claims. Service request. Cancellation of service. Discounts / retired. Reports and suggestions.  Paz y Salvo