Plan training and human capital development, scholarships to outstanding students, providing educational financial assistance to the population in a situation of vulnerability and risk, establish partnerships with national and international agencies and educational institutions to give greater academic opportunities for students and talented professionals, provide educational loans to finance undergraduate, graduate and continuing education demanded for integral development of the country.


Grants: Grant Financing of general studies, middle and upper basic education for students or professionals distinguished Panamanian and foreign students benefit from international conventions and agreements for higher education in the Republic of Panama. Scholarship programs are funded by contributions from the national budget, international organizations, foreign governments or private national and foreign people.
You distinguish students who possess the highest academic average at the end of the studies pre-secondary education in official and private country schools, and higher education in the official and private universities that are members of the Council of Rectors of Panama; recognizing their efforts and encouraging them to continue in the education system.

Supporting low-income students who show aptitude and capabilities for studies, in order to keep them in the education system.1. Competition for Primary Education General

Beneficar Panamanian students studying in the second degree official establishments of the Republic with minimum average of four (4.5).

2. General Competition Pre-Media Education and Media Education

Benefit Panamanian students studying on the seventh (7) grade Pre-Media Education and Media Education in official establishments of the Republic with minimum average of four (4.5).

three. General Contest for Studies in Higher Education Universities Official

support financially, through the benefit of a scholarship to students who graduate in the public schools and individuals who wish to begin or continue college, career and job termination graduation in official universities.

  • Early Career Colleges in OfficialProvide a scholarship to graduate students in the average level of official and private schools of the Republic, entering for the first time to public universities in both day and evening shifts with minimum average of four (4.5).
  • Official Race Continues in UniversitiesSupporting students continuing studies in the early years of the race on public universities in the day, evening, with minimum rate of 2.0.
  • General Competition Official Postgraduate and Master UniversitiesBenefit Panamanian professionals to continue their education specialization as one of the means to contribute to socio-economic and cultural development, with minimum rate of 2.0.
Scholarship Competition for Exemption from Property Tax for Schools and Private Universities1. Pay Deduction Amount of Property Tax for schools and private universities. Payment of tuition, tuition is waived and other benefits are given to students with limited financial resources for nursery studies in general secondary and university education in basic schools and private universities.
2. Donation scholarships given by private schools for students with limited resources exempting tuition fees .
Scholarships for Outstanding Students in Sport and Fine Arts1. Deportivogrant scholarships to students of public and private schools of basic education and secondary education on average three to five (3.5) and minimum rate of higher education with one (1.0 ) succeed prominently in any sport, in competition at the national or international level.2. Fine Arts

grant scholarships to distinguished officials and private schools of the Republic who are practicing any of the expressions of the fine arts.

Scholarships for Outstanding Students in the Cultural Area Benefit students who are studying any degree of basic general education, secondary education and higher education in official or private schools of the Republic, outstanding academic and cultural events organized by government institutions, associations, companies or international organizations, in representing their school or geographic region.


Are awarded to Panamanian students and professionals to pursue higher or specialized studies at foreign universities under the auspices of organizations, agencies, private and public, international and foreign foundations.
International Fellowships include:
  • Reports: Served all studies and international fare.
  • Partial Scholarships: Served studies, but not international passage.
  • Quotas: Is the benefit of entering the University with tuition waiver.
  • Aid: Cover of the cost of the studies.
Currently, scholarships are offered at the following levels:
  • Short courses (1-9 months)
  • Long term courses: Doctorate, Master, Post – Grade (1-4 years).
  • Undergraduate Studies (1-6 years, depending on the race).
  • English courses.
It can be applied to offers of scholarships in the area of:
  • Environmental Protection and Ecology
  • Maritime and Port
  • Transport, Telecommunications and Technology
  • Panama Canal
  • Social and Community Development
  • Agriculture, Rural Development, Mining and Agribusiness
  • Tourism

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