The Instituto Justo Arosemena – IJA –

Is a democratic built-in private school belonging to societies, Cultural promotion, S.A. and teaching Particular incorporated, S.A.

Founded in 1954, its name honors the memory of Don Justo Arosemena, considered as one of the more brilliant of his time, called the most illustrious of the Panamanian and father of nationality. Since its inception, the IJA was projected as a different school, providing a democratic and comprehensive education based on civic and moral values to form men and women well that Panama needs. Every year on August 9, in commemoration of the birthday of Don Justo Arosemena, the IJA celebrates the anniversary of its founding.

The education provided at each of the levels and sections of the Instituto Justo Arosemena has the following purposes:

(a) form a democratic conscience and reaffirm our nationality.

(b) to provide a healthy environment where students receive a complete education, based on the development of a high morality.

(c) guide the student biopsychosocial development, so that develops appropriate attitudes and habits so that you can stay healthy, solve their problems with efficiency and, at the same time, be an element capable of living in a community with respect for others, recognizing their duties and rights to others and their homeland.

(d) provide students a consonant and up-to-date training with reality, incorporated into the plans and programmes of studies, those innovations generated as a result of scientific and technological advances of wide global acceptance.

As incorporated school that serves to the Panamanian society, the IJA abides by and promotes entered the national education goals in the politics of the Constitution, the laws and the anti-discriminatory provisions of the Ministry of education.

The superior authority of the IJA resides in the Board of Directors of societies promoting Cultural S.A. and teaching Particular built-in, S.A. which has among its main functions:

(a) appoint teachers and administrative and approve the budget suggested by the Director with the concurrence of the Comptroller.

(b) to advise the leadership on educational and economic policy.

Both our primary and secondary school, have reached a high level of basic education. This is achieved through the continuous effort of our teaching and administrative staff who encourage a climate of cordiality, respect and mutual aid that promotes learning and team work, also allowing personalized attention. We manage methods and techniques, promoting and managing teaching training sessions throughout the year.

We have spacious classrooms, modern laboratories for computer science, chemistry, physics, biology, computer typing, graphic design and advertising. We have workshops in industrial arts, as well as function rooms for family and community development, swimming pools, gym, tennis courts, basketball, football, baseball, and green areas, which allow a healthy and welcoming environment for the study, while promoting appreciation for our environment and nature.

It inspires us know that with our daily effort we contribute to give Panama the harvest of graduates with the skills, abilities and competencies and the moral profile and values that the country needs.



The Instituto Justo Arosemena – IJA – has as its primary objective to be an academic project of formation of long time in the life of each of our students. We are looking for that at the end of secondary studies, students who have been integrated into our program are able to perform successfully, whatever your choice: continue their higher studies or joining the labour market.


We develop different skills so that our students can tackle the problems that it and find solutions both academically and in the social skills that are fed here and develop. Our education is comprehensive and inclusive, ranging from the academic community, to parents.


Our teachers are committed to providing our students, both inside and outside the campus, constant example of responsibility, morality, civility, patriotic love, spirit of work and cooperation. We respect religious beliefs and encourage habits and healthy attitudes, at the same time that we promote teaching spaces and extracurricular activities that complement the academic needs of the students.


We encourage the emotional links between “Justina family” and with the community.

We look after and guide personal development, respect the family.

We respect cultural diversity, as well as different religious beliefs.

We have more than half a century of tradition in a project with a faculty committed to our mission and stable cutting-edge.

We are interested in that our students have a strong academic background and also that it is enriched with sports and cultural activities that complement the education we teach underpinned by strong personal values, respect and tolerance to cultural multiplicity and diversity of beliefs and ideas, as a prerequisite of peaceful coexistence.


We also encourage the practice of instruments of music (guitar and flute) and participation in the band.

We do focus on experimentation through English and science laboratories: Physics, chemistry and biology.

We offer computer for different levels and computer classes.

We have extracurricular activities available to all students, particularly by promoting sports and cultural activities of equipment, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, and music.

Physical education is taught with twice the hours required by the Ministry of education.

We actively participate in intercollegiate and regional sporting tournaments.

We have a Department of counselling, with suitable psychologist and social worker.

We conduct individual interviews with each student and/or parent of first entry.

We offer pedagogical follow-up through meetings with teachers and coordinators of each subject.

It motivates us to search the pedagogical spaces that promote the harmony of being with different expressions of knowledge and know, active from there, each student to find his own identity and thus makes a contribution.

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