About the AIP


  • Provide educational programs with a solid foundation in terms of cognitive development, which enable the student to integrate the complex technological world, advancing and changing.
  • Stimulate creativity, critical and scientific research in all levels of education.
  • AIP Making a center where students feel confident for their intellectual, physical, social and emotional, through constant stimulation and respective daily activities.

Educational Community

The educational community is made up of the Board, students, teachers, parents and administrators and support.

The outstanding performance of all elements that make up the educational community of the faithful compliance AIP leads to its mission and objectives.

Board of Directors

The Board is the highest authority of the AIP and is responsible for ensuring compliance with its objectives, as well as reviewing them.


Teachers are the most valuable asset of the AIP. Dynamically participate in the educational process to provide educational concepts and updated continuously.


The real protagonists in the life of the center are students who reflect their solidarity with the objectives of the AIP.


As the primary educators of their children, parents collaborate with education and the goals set by the AIP. Place their full confidence in the process undertaken by the AIP in the education of their children. The involvement of parents is essential to the community life of the AIP, which is tangible in the Parent Association.

Administrative and Support Staff

The AIP has the cooperation and support of people who are not directly involved in the teaching process, but are essential to the proper functioning of this institution: administrative, secretarial, accounting, maintenance and cleaning.

Pedagogical Criteria

The American Academy of Panama based his teaching on active and modern pedagogy aimed at:

  • Encourage critical thinking and creativity.
  • Using technology to increase student’s educational potential.
  • Using a didactic methodology, flexible and updated.
  • Encourage the proper use of leisure time.
  • Allow your growth through participation in study groups, cultural and scientific associations.
  • Periodically evaluate the validity of what is taught in relation to the needs of students and their educational environment.


  Per student:  

Freshmen enrollment *


Regular Registration


* Applies to all freshmen. Does not apply to students enrolled in Pre K 2014.Monthly payment: paid through Online Banking (ACH) of Banco General, within 20 days of each month. If you use another bank’s ACH is necessary to do so within the first 15 days of the month and send confirmation e.vega @ aip.edu.pa or d.chen @ aip.edu.pa. Our General bank account is 03-05-01-001774-0 If you cancel after the deadline will be charged 5% surcharge on balance due. 



(10 payments)

PK and K











  • The share of various (materials, maintenance, school insurance, etc..) is sent in March and is due on April 20. After this date will be charged a 5% surcharge.


  • The share of books sent in June to run until August to cancel. After this date will be charged a 5% surcharge.


  • Transportation:   B/.67.00 – B/.80.00 about


  • The tuition for the following year may be canceled as soon as the current school year and prior to December 17

Per family:  

Parents Association