Our History

The House of seafood was founded in 1965 by Don Ramón Martínez Acha and his wife Dona Claudia Vásquez de Martínez, and immediately became the best restaurant in the Republic of Panama. Don Ramón Martínez Acha arrived in Panama in 1953 from Bilbao, Spain, place of birth, where he began his love for good food. The House of seafood specializes in Spanish cuisine (Basque) and international. Mixing traditional recipes and other specialties, created by Don Ramon and his wife.
From the marriage were born: Valentín Martínez Vásquez, Ramón Martínez Vásquez and Javier Martínez Vásquez, that, like his parents, developed from young the same love and dedication by the gourmet food. Over the years, the House of seafood has received countless culinary awards, of which we can mention the following:

  • “Michelin Restaurant Guide”
  • “Plaque for international Gastronomic Quality” (Estoril, Portugal, March 1980)
  • “International Gastronomic Plaque” (1981-1982)
  • “International culinary Chain” (March 1984)
The House of seafood is located on Balboa Avenue; consists of 5 rooms (3 of which are private) with a capacity for 75 clients. Inside the restaurant, we can find a unique collection of sculptures from Spain, all acquired by Don Ramon in his trips to his homeland. The House of seafood has a staff of 25 employees, the most modern furniture and kitchen as well as a private security and energy system. Don Ramón Martínez Acha died on 13 February 1993, delegating management to their three children.


Currently, the general manager is Ramón Martínez Vásquez, a graduate of business administration. Daily, select different seafood, vegetables and spices, seafood restaurants and supermarkets. Also supervises and verifies all the process related to the areas of food preparation, including recipes, hygiene, quality, control and presentation.


The House of seafood is a family business, where all customers are cared for personally by members of the Acha Martinez famita, including Doña Claudia, wife of Don Ramon, which is recognized for its excellent recipes.

Some of the ingredients used in the House of seafood are imported directly from Spain (eels, anchovies, sardines and wine) which makes it the place chosen by politicians, merchants and all those who visit Panama City.

We can mention some personalities who have visited the House of seafood:

The Shah of Iran, Felipe González, General Omar Torrijos, Margot Fontayn, Rudolf Nureyev, Alfonso López Michelsen (former President of Colombia), the Duke of Cádiz, Julio Iglesias, Joe Dimaggio former Presidents, Prime Ministers of Latin America and many other international celebrities.
El propósito más importante de La Casa del Marisco es ofrecer la mejor comida a todos sus clientes y por tal razón, todos sus productos son seleccionados diariamente por sus propietarios. Sin exagerar, La Casa del Marisco es famosa en todo el mundo como el mejor restaurante en la ciudad de Panamá y ranqueados como uno de los mejores en el mundo.