Our Vision

Achieve Academic excellence through the development and promotion of scientific, technological and humanistic aspects as a permanent space in response to the demands of social development.

Our mission

The University Latin of Panama aims to fully form the human resources through the teaching, research and EXTENSION, for the improvement of human development and quality of life of the national collective.

Our values
The University Latin of Panama has its genesis in the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica; which is established in Paso Canoas in the Puntarenas province in 1989.

In May 1992, a plural number of Panamanians manage to obtain his master’s degree in Sciences of the Educacion.de title there arose the interest of many professionals in our country, that it established on Panamanian soil.

After studies, on January 13, 1992 it begins its academic activities the University Latin of Panama in its headquarters located in the city of Panama and the Regional Headquarters of David, in the province of Chiriqui.

Later and taking into account the great acceptance that had this new University, two new regional offices are opened: the Santiago headquarters, located in the province of Veraguas, and began operations on September 7, 1992 and the headquarters of Chitre, in the province of Herrera, which began work on January 17, 1994.

Also, and in the interests of Panamanian youth provide the best alternatives of study, the University Latin of Panama opens to the community the Faculty of medical sciences and health, September 26, 1999, as one of its priority programmes.

Legal basis
The Ministry of education in the Republic of Panama, by means of Decree No.606 of September 4, 1991, authorizes the operation of the University Latin of Panama, as well as programs of undergraduate and graduate it imparted.

This Decree establishes the recognition that should be given to the certificates issued by this institution.

Message from the Dean – Dr. Modaldo Tuñon.

Welcome to the Latin University of Panama

The University Latin of Panama has inserted the technology as a fundamental component of the education in modern, conscious that we live in an era in which young people and society in general have means and mechanisms of universal communication and knowledge is world heritage, whose use and benefit to rely exclusively on the attitude and availability for the use of technological resources that science to post to our service; convinced that our commitment to the country and particularly with our students is the provide them with the best technology tool that allows them to interact and take over the culture of scientific development that characterizes this period of history.

This portal aims to be a permanent and systematic means to offer ever-increasing accessibility to all academic information relevant both internally and to the outside of our institution, and at the same time be a means of promotion and external exposure of all that we do and give institutional life to the Latin University of Panama.

This Web site is intended to be one resource to all members of this organization, together with all the other technological resources that we already have (registration online, LLS, video and tele – conferences, Internet and e-mail services, Virtual Library among others)

We are confident that your initiative and ability will find here a space of navigation to keep them updated and which allows them to learn more and better this institution of higher education.

The University Latin of Panama, living up to its motto “Serious engagement”, works hard in the training of new professionals, providing a range of options, allowing you to locate a place in Panamanian society, and to participate actively and effectively in the transformations of scientific, technological and social of the country and within the framework of a globalized world. Committed to education, the promotion of the values and the formation of new competitive professionals, Universidad Latina develops offers academic, consonant with the needs of the labour market.

Aware of their responsibility for the performance of the functions of teaching, research and extension takes as a contextual framework advances in scientific, humanistic, political, social and economic areas and accordingly, working responsibly to meet the demands posed by the social environment.

The University Latin of Panama for being an independent and autonomous institution encourages pluralism, diversity, dialogue, debate, criticism, tolerance and respect for ideas, beliefs and values of its members.

Likewise, we are committed to the country and the formation of citizens with a solid concept of professional excellence, aware of its social and civic responsibilities, focusing on the analysis and solution of the problems of the country.

We are determined to continue to open new roads and new strategic alliances with the business sector and the public sector in pursuit of the improvement of the quality of higher education and the quality of life of the citizens of this country.


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