Here is a little bit of information on MITRADEL or minister of labor.

This will be where you go to get your work permit, settle any labor disputes or you might need to file a letter of resignation for your employer.

If you want to refer to the labor code for Panama here is a link to the website where its at just click here

Also when you get released from a company without just cause you could be elgible for a severance payout many times they will work out a mutual agreement and pay you the sum without going thru the ministry of labor. This is a link to another site that you can calculate that amount based on your tenure and salary just click here


January 15, 1969, by Decree Cabinet no. 2 was created the Ministry of labour and Social Welfare as a central administration for the development and implementation of the policy of the Government in labour and social matters, to fix a gap in the Organization of the national public administration.

The Ministry of labour and labour development, has responded to the social need that demanded nationwide for the balanced solution of social problems, particularly the emerging of the relations between workers and employers.

It is necessary that the Republic, through the Ministry of labour and labour development, enter the institutions of Social law that benefit throughout the country, so the State suits its policy of improving the conditions of life of the population, also raising the levels of production and productivity through an efficient and economical administration.


  • Cabinet Decree No. 2 of January 15, 1969, by means of which is created the Ministry of labour and Social Welfare and is assigned functions of (Official Gazette N ° 16.286 of 27 January 1969).
  • Cabinet Decree No. 249 of 16 July 1970, by which it dictates organic of the Ministry of labour and Social welfare law. (Official Gazette N ° 16.655 of 27 July 1970).
  • Law No. 74 of 20 September 1973, by which it created the Institute of labour studies. (Official Gazette N ° 17. 473 of 1 October 1973).
  • Decrees No. 1 and 2 of 8 February 1991, which adopted certain provisions and measures on the Organization of the Ministry of labour and Social Welfare (Official Gazette Nº.21.735 of 1 March of 1991).
  • Executive Decree No. 17 of April 18, 1994, which approves the regulations organic of the Ministry of labour and Social Welfare. (Official Gazette N ° 22.536 on May 16, 1994).


We are a Ministry of excellence that plans, executes and directs the development of labour policy through the promotion of labour relations harmonious, decent and humane between workers and employers and compliance with labour legislation, to improve the quality of life of the working population and the achievement of social peace, in order to contribute to generate a development economic, social and cultural sustainablesustainable and inclusive with a view to national progress.


Be an institution of Prime world, Rector and leader in the formation and generation of productive and decent employment; responsible for compliance with the standards and labour policies that respond to the needs and priorities of the stakeholders, to ensure the well-being of the Panamanian population and national development.


Project, promote, regulate, administer and run the system of labour administration, establishing with the Executive Branch, national labour policy, as well as the projects and programs of development works of the State, in accordance with the Constitution, laws and international conventions ratified by Panama; contributing to human development with Social Justice, the promotion of tripartite Social dialogue, decent work, the employment promotion worth in gender equality, the protection of the health and safety of the worker, particularly the vulnerable as they are, people with disabilities and minors of age and adolescents workers.
















  • Administrative structure and presence at the national level.
  • Excellent layout of the top firm in improving the Organization of the MITRADEL.
  • Experience in effective coordination with public and private sector for training and employment.
  • Adequate infrastructure for the service.
  • Experience in the management of massive employment projects.
  • Relation to international organizations.
  • National and international conventions.
  • Resource human with experience and commitment.
  • Program and project of social influence.
  • Regulations and relevant legal basis.
  • Experience in the attention to groups and populations.
  • Consistent with the demand and constant training.
  • Institution of national reference in labour regulations


  • Improve the capacities of the human resources of the Ministry, through ongoing training, providing incentive programs to employees.
  • Improve the functional and administrative procedures of the institution.
  • Promote excellence in the care of internal and external customers through the establishment of a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Incorporate a program of permanent renewal of the technology, with the acquisition of new computers in tip, contributing to systematize the MITRADEL functions.
  • Promote and encourage the employment of people with disabilities and the development of programmes and projects for employment generation for vulnerable groups which contribute to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.
  • Promote productive jobs based on job skills and insertion into the labour market with equal opportunities for all the workers most vulnerable citizens of the country, through employment policies and social dialogue.
  • The mechanisms of control and supervision, which ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the country, in terms of job security by businesses and workers.


  • Administration and finance
  • Planning
  • Human resources
  • Work
  • Jobs
  • Occupational Observatory
  • Technological innovation