About Us

Paladar is the ideal restaurant to discover the flavours of the international cuisine , with a combination of ingredients and culinary traditions , with an infinite wealth of flavors, colors and textures.

Paladar for those who have not yet visited, offers the possibility to discover new flavors, the combination of ingredients, but above all the opportunity to experiment with the senses.

The variety of nationalities and strains complement one of the most varied wine lists in the city.

Also at Paladar , you will not only love the food and wine you will love for its flavor and aroma, but that all the days can take advantage of our Happy Hours with live music on our covered terrace.

We also have a reserved for 30 persons, a great place to relax, have fun, celebrate their birthdays, meetings or simply to share pleasant moments, in private.

We invite you to discover a world full of exoticism, fragrances, entertainment and taste… a journey through the senses…


Our already famous terrace is the ideal place for relax after a day’s work or for a fresh day of weekend.

It is the preferred site for large groups of friends, for its cozy atmosphere and climate friendly, enjoying delicious food and exquisite drinks.

Enjoy great live music from Thursday to Sunday from 8:00 p.m.


For more than six years, this restaurant has been a consistent choice for both the traditionalists, and for those who like to experience new sensations. It combines the cooking Italian, Spanish and Fusion, the Argentine tradition of generous portions, adding the subtlety and elegance of a gourmet restaurant, offering different options even for the most special tastes.

Paladar a place with different food, its excellent service and its cozy atmospheres will make you feel in any big city in the world. Come and relax, whether in family, as a couple or with friends, this spectacular place.

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