The Public Procurement Directorate (CMPD) , is responsible for managing PanamaCompra Electronic System, is an autonomous entity with its own assets, legal status, autonomy in its internal and independent exercise of their functions, they shall have the power to govern, interpret, monitor and advise on procedures for contractor selection by state institutions, subject to oversight by the Comptroller General of the Republic and the policies of the Executive, for which the link will be the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

PanamaCompra is the Electronic System of Public Procurement of the Republic of Panama, which promotes transparency in government procurement.

It is a comprehensive source of information on products and services required by the Panamanian public sector, so that has become the meeting point for buyers and suppliers of the state, where they can meet business offerings and make their commercial transactions.

This system has been developed as part of a state action plan with the main objective of increasing transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in government procurement, because through it, you can know what to buy the State, to whom and by what amount, thus encouraging citizen participation in order to create value in the public sector.

All public bodies are required to publish in the Electronic PanamaCompra, all the information generated in the contractor selection procedures, in direct contracting and contract stage. Thus, PanamaCompra offers all Panamanian companies, large, medium and small, a simple, straightforward way to find every day, business opportunities, activating the Panama trade.

This electronic system also allows online transactions for the benefit of its members, providing buyers and suppliers, access to a virtual office with custom desk.

Through him, automate procurement processes reducing the time, administrative costs and operating expenses for the state and its suppliers.

PanamaCompra operating since December 2006 and receive a month more than a million visitors to the web portal, also has signed more than 15,000 suppliers. portal The scope covers over 137 institutions, including central government agencies, the semi-autonomous entities, financial intermediaries, corporations in which the State owns 51% or more of the shares or assets.

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The Bidders Registry database is managed by the Directorate General of Public Procurement, in which are recorded the natural or legal persons and consortia or accidental associations, domestic or foreign, who aspire to participate in an act of selection contractor and with whom a contract is signed.

It is easy to be PanamaCompra System provider is only required to complete the requested information.

Every day you can find over 1,000 business opportunities in different areas or items.

Monthly contracts are awarded through our tool over 60 Million Dollars. Transparency, Security, Logistics Savings, Transparency, Simplicity and Efficiency.

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