PanamaEmprende System

PanamaEmprende is the new Law 5, January 11 2007 and the new system that seeks to promote the creation of new businesses, both of national and foreign capital, under a transparent and efficient environment with the use of technology, with base to a greater citizens’ trust. The new system allows people to open their business, in a few minutes, in an electronic way, without the need for queues, procedures and additional costs. With this new system for the opening of companies, Panama is ranked first in the world in terms of speed and easiness to open companies.

PanamaEmprende is based on the fact that the Constitution establishes that individuals may carry out any activity that is not prohibited. This is the case of economic activities, which the National Government wishes to promote with the objective to genetate more wealth and quality jobs. PanamaEmprende is a new concept where people wishing to start new businesses in Panama may do it in a simple way, with the sole obligation of informing the State that they are starting a new operation.

** This is the site that you can go to online and obtain a Taxpayer’s Unique Registry (RUC) in a few minutes

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Here is a link to the Practical Guide to the Panamanian PanamaEmprende system it will open the pdf guide in a new window