Located in the province of Panama, about 50 km (1 hour drive) West of Panama City. Campaign is the first National Park in Panama and was legally established in 1967. The Park protects 4,816 hectares of a great biological diversity. The famous “Golden” frogs of Panama can be found here. Hill campaign encourages both sides of the Sajalices River, flowing to the Pacific and into the basin of the Chagres River, which is the system of collection for the Panama Canal. The Park protects a significant part of the operation of the Canal. As scientists of the University of Panama and the Smithsonian Institute of tropical research, the elevation of the basalt rock forming the cliffs contributes to the richness of flora and fauna. Students and authorities of the University of Panama have developed a nature trail in fun and educational at the same time. Plants and animals are described in the Guide to the visitor, which is available at the Tupper Center, of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, located in Ancon, Republic of Panama.

First National Park in the Republic of Panama, declared in 1966, has 4,816 hectares, protecting the ecosystems of the place and options to enjoy the contact with nature. Enjoy magnificent landscapes of the Bay from the Park Chame in the costa pacifica and the mouth of the river Chame with its spectacular mangroves.

Main attractions and values

The Park has rivers, flora and fauna, waterfalls, scenic tours, rock formations, landscapes, caves or caverns and terrestrial trails and is an important bird area. The high temperature is typically pleasant. It has nature trails where you can see many plants and animals. From the mountains and cliffs as natural viewpoints, spectacular views of the Canal basin referred to on the one hand Bay chame on the other. Girl community is a neighboring rural community of the Park which based much of its economy in the sale of ornamental plants and eco-tourism.


Trails and picnic areas.

Entrance fee:

Foreigners B /. 5.00

National B /. 3.00

National students B /. 1.00

Retired B /. 1.50