We Levels Learning Center child care (Maternal 1, 2, 3), Pre-K, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary.


The essence that drives and sustains all the action and formative force contained in the Educational Project arises from viewing the Saint George International School of Panama, as the school’s most advanced and efficient in the training of human resources with the power creator and transformer and strong will, to lead Panama to levels first world nation, highly developed and cutting edge in the globalized world.


The International School of Panama Saint George’s mission is the development and continuous improvement of the educational system , administrative and operational saintgeorgiano as effective and efficient platform for human development and transformation of mental structures:

1. Enable children, youth and adults of our country to achieve maximum fulfillment as human beings.

2. Release and develop, in each, the creative and transforming power that allows them to contribute effectively and efficiently in the construction of Panama as a first world nation.


THE International School Saint George of Panama comes to light, as such, the April 7, 1987 to be recognized officially renaming the old Bilingual School Cristobal Rodriguez, by the determined N º 654 of the Ministry of Education. Yet the creation of the International College Saint George was much more than a simple name change. The genesis dates back to 1979 when Professor Bertilda Tejeira Serrano (RIP) and Dr. Ricardo Muñoz Tejeira buy what was left of Christopher Rodriguez Bilingual School, beginning a process of profound change in his philosophy, vision, goals, objectives, principles, values, methodology, organization and operational structure. The essence of the process of change initiated in 1979, which today forms the basis of the educational dynamics of the College, has been focused on the development and constant updating and adaptation of a model and an educational environment able to guide each student to a new human dimension where excellence is the goal of all and the ability to think, create, reason, make decisions and work hard are the basis of success.

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