Our educational offer is developed based on the following principles:

-“Child is entitled to receive education, which shall be compulsory and free, least in the fundamental stages, that to promote his general culture and allowed to develop his abilities, his individual judgment and his sense of moral and social responsibility in equal opportunities, and to become a useful member society” (UN: rights of the child, 7, 1959).

-“Since parents have given life to their children, have the very serious obligation to educate the offspring and, therefore, should recognize them as first and principal educators of your children…It is necessary that they enjoy absolute freedom in the choice of schools “…” The presence of the Church in the school field is manifested especially by the Catholic school “(VAT.II: Gravísimum Educationis, 3, 6, 8).”

-“The right to freedom of education implies the obligation of the Member States make possible the practical exercise of this right, even in the economic aspect, and grant to private centers the public subsidies necessary for the exercise of his mission and the fulfillment of obligations under conditions equal to those who enjoy corresponding public centres, without discrimination with respect to the entities owners, parents, students or teaching staff and services “(resolution LUSTER on the freedom of education, 1984).

-“School is a big family in which dialogue, interaction and behaviour constitute birth elements of the educational process. The goal is not the informacion-conocimiento, but the formacion-sabiduria. Not ideas such as data transmission, but the offer and promotion of ideals as attitudes “(FAE: Augustinian educational values, V. 1.)”

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