Almost every summer during my childhood the pass in San Bartolo, from 6 years was fortunate to enjoy fresh fish in the South Beach of this beloved Spa there is until today a small Creek of fishermen who went out to work from 6 am and returned to the dock at noon where many people expected them to see that type of fish had checked out of our Peruvian seamy mother who was it that taught me my first steps in kitchen was always that chose the fish for the lunch of the day that I remember is when they brought home the rolls which is the girl corvniva and we ate them whole and then fried when it was the time of silverside always eating it arrebozados with ketchup also squid which at that time was in abundance and many other fish more.
Over the years my hobby grew to enjoy seafood I began to dabble in fishing but with nylon nets which at that time was a revolution since the fish fell easily because did not see it bristles in the water, they were once Halter green and was most difficult to falling because the fish was hasgood at 16 we already fished in the Peñascal, came with our surfboards and in a camera truck amarrábamos it to pita bread from the table, came kayaking and brought the network to sites where sinners could not reach by the bravery of the sea and was where the best fish, it was risky for them, but for us no, we entered at 6 in the afternoon and collected them at 6 in the morning, was our source of life and work, as part of the goods sold it and best fish separábamos them to enjoy it as the first meal of the day, cook them for my friends, the forms of preparation I was at Cevichebaked, sweated, fried whole, the cheetahs was what he excelled at our table.
The second pier of San Bartolo has always been my source of inspiration since we stopped there with our friends and there were waves, hence we went with our boards to pull nets and best of all was that there came the name of my restaurant now become franchise since we are in Mexico and Panama which fills me with pride to me and to all those people who knows me from that beach and they feel very identified with the story of my life.
Today, thanks to these experiences in my youth to achieve take advantage since much tuning my palate and always demanded freshness in my food when it was something from the sea.
To finish the story today my children are receiving that legacy of the kitchen, the largest of them already in his first steps at age 9 something that makes me satisfaction since he never imagined he would be interested in the kitchen, even demanding has become to eat, which is good since their standards will be well high when I grow.
A secret that I have in my life is that I never consider a cooking course and less imagine me to get to where we are today, I am self taught in the best sense of the word but everything you’ve learned the sea has given it me I inspire much by the and I thank him for all that has given me.
My work philosophy has always been, and will be working consciously on what one has much vocation do their best to develop it and otherwise have assured that all will fall under its own weight, luckily opportunities over the past 14 years were presented to me and I knew them take advantage… when someone does things with passion nothing is impossibleThis is my story and I hope to never change it.
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We consider as a principle of performance – in the team of professionals – recognition and care of individual and complementary responsibilities.
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