The Super Pet Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1987 by Dr. Lionel Jaén Suárez and Ms. Delia M. de Jaén, was located at 65 Street San Francisco.

By that time it had three employees who were, the veterinarian, Dr. Lionel Jaén Suárez, the Secretariat and the hairdresser that also fulfilled other functions.

For the year 1995 the clinic moved to 70 Street San Francisco, which changes its Social complex veterinarian Super pet. In 1998 after the death of Dr. Lionel Jaén Suárez the veterinary complex passed to the management of his wife and children.

Currently has nine employees, a great hairdresser, pet transportation service, sale of products, accommodation in hotel, 24-hour emergency and veterinary services of high quality.

Super Pet Vet complex is a small company that provides its clients personal attention and everything you need for the care of your pets.