The Zone Paintball Panama


The Zone is the new alternative for a day adventure to the fullest, we invite you to come with friends, and practice this game of strategy, teamwork and excitement, we have packages of B /. 16.00 and B /. 25.00 per person all included


A new Paintball field type Woodsball so that anyone who wants to practice this sport of adventure in Panama.

General Information

Type Woodsball Paintball field or forest, with rental equipment, supply and personnel to practice paintball weekends.

Paintball is a team game, where good communication, support and coordination are the keys to success in the field, although we cannot deny him his part to skills and his good luck. It is thus a game where friends are made more friends through fun and healthy competition, giving you a good shot of adrenaline into our bodies. The Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association estimates that about 10 million Americans annually play paintball and paintball in forest mode is expanding as a favourite around the world, practiced in Panama by more than 500 people a month in different events between professional and amateur.

It is a safe game and on our Court markers there will always speed low and referees in the field to ensure a healthy and