Tropigas of Panama

A company “to another level”, dedicated to the distribution of LPG nationwide.


Satisfy our customers with innovative solutions, backed by a highly qualified and motivated staff, which is consistent with the highest standards of security and the new challenges of the industry, ensuring mutual benefits. 

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Domestic 25 lbs





The gas cylinders packed in 25 lbs. or “Tropigasito” as it is commonly known, is intended for the domestic market, ie the residential and focused mainly on the poor people, so it is currently subsidized by the Panamanian State so you can maintain a stable price over time, despite fluctuations experienced by the gas stove, like other petroleum products in the international market, ensuring that every Panamanian household can purchase this staple.

Tank 25 lbs. is limited to use with a single household appliance (domestic stoves, water heaters small, to name the main ones). Although this market is made mostly for residences is also authorized ACODECO by XXX for use by mobile eateries. It is a commitment to TROPIGAS this market is constantly stocked so we keep all packaging plants strategically located throughout the national territory, a fleet of delivery trucks nationwide regularly visiting the more than 15,000 points of sale Panama to ensure that every home with gas count for your daily use.

Household 100 lbs


This product is also directed to the residential area, but also small businesses whose needs can not be covered by the tank 25 lbs. both by government regulations such as its limited use (you can only connect to a device).

Being a tank larger and whose management requires coupling the tank to the client installation (read for installation: the pigtail that carries the gas to the regulator and then to the artifacts), the same is delivered to residences and business for trucks, based on the request of our customers.

Each device installed in homes and businesses of our clients must be engaged by personnel having Suitability current license (license) issued by the Security Office Fire Department Meritorious Panama to avoid incurring risks.

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