Wellness and Beauty Center Spa
Gives you the warmest welcome I hope that this page is to your liking and to serve as your guide to choose the treatment that suits you…
What is Wellness and Beauty Center Spa?
It is a centre of aesthetic medicine and spa featuring: doctors specialized in aesthetic medicine, cosmologist, physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and a psychologist. We also have an extensive line of European products, all these with extensive experience and support so that our customers have the full satisfaction of the results in the treatments carried out will be total pleasure and conviction so we always take into account such as your first and only choice in future proceedings.
It is concept has our name and logo?

The concept of “Wellness” can vary depending on who to promote.
Spa and beauty center Spa define this term and the logo of our company with the zen stones as the search for a balance or healthy balance between body, mind and soul what promotes a pleasant feeling of well-being. Our focus is medicine holistic is the search for the harmony of nature with our body, seeking a lifestyle of excellence.


What to do before going to a spa

1   Do your appointment in advance.
2   Make sure you seperate enough time for your treatment.
3   Having taken a shower before, if you are to undergo any other treatment or massage.
4.  Drink at least 2 glasses of water before taking any treatment.
5. If your not going to be able to attend the appointment please cancel it 2 hours in advance.

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