About Us

Yellow Car is a car rental type taxi, which helps those who do not have an own vehicle, renting it at an affordable price, to thus provide a selective transport service to the community and at the same time ensuring their customers to the taxi drivers who rent vehicles in our company, through the calls made to our call center requesting our services.


Beyond being just a taxi cab rental company, we offer radio taxi service to the public through our call center, taking calls from users and directly dispatching them through our radio service, and monitoring them through our own Yellow Car’s GPS service. Thus providing security for users of the service, and taxi drivers as well.


We have over 370 sedans units, Hyundai Accent between 2011 and 2013, and we are constantly ordering new units to maintain the best quality and convenience for our customers. We also have modern machine and sheet metal shops to provide preventive maintenance to the units.


To make your taxi reservation process much faster.

Just call us 396-9999 or reserve through our online chat.

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