Parque Natural Metropolitano

Parque Natural Metropolitano

Avenida Juan Pablo II, final, 0843-03129 Panama City, Panama

// Parque Natural Metropolitano Creation The proposal to create a protected area in what today is the Metropolitan Natural Park (MNP) originated in the first Soil Management Plan for the Panama Canal Area in 1974. In 1983 the area where the Park Read More →
Weekend Panama City - Panama Canal - Beaches tour

Weekend Panama City – Panama Canal – Beaches tour

panama city, panama

// WEEKEND (FRIDAY TO SUNDAY) 3 Nights Panama City, Panama Canal, Beaches Hotel category (low budget/under $100/quality hotel) must be chosen to add on tour price. Day 1 Friday: Pick up and arrival to Panama City in the morning $40 from 1 to Read More →
Cinemark Los Pueblos

Cinemark Los Pueblos

Los Pueblos Panama City, Panama

//   Cinemark Los Pueblos  Los Pueblos 2001 It has 7 rooms. Our Rooms Cinemark rooms have the best design and the best technology available. All our rooms have stadium-style bleachers, reclining seats, screens, wall to wall, digital sound, digital 3D and access for people Read More →
Nitro City Punta Chame

Nitro City Punta Chame

Nitro City Punta Chame Panama

// Nitro City Punta Chame Nitro City Panama - The world's first beach front "Action Sports Resort" Description 36 Room Beach Front Hotel with a focus on Action and Motor Sports. On-site skate park, pit-bike track, wakeboard cable park, fitness gym and kite Read More →
Pedasito Boutique Hotel

Pedasito Boutique Hotel

Calle Agustin Moscoso – Casa #2 Pedasi Panama

// The Hotel Pedasito Hotel, much like its sister Café & Lounge, is a place for friends to come together. It’s a place where you can feel safe and warm. When you go to Pedasi, look no further than the Pedasito Read More →


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