To help our customers navigate the Panama roads and get to where they want to go as fast as possible, which can sometimes be a challenge we have implemented a Waze take me there feature.

How this works:

From any mobile device that has Waze installed ( doesn’t have to be open just installed ) if you connect to our mobile friendly website at www.panamacity.travel  and when you find the place you want to go to simply click on the Waze Icon seen below. If you have Waze installed it will automatically open the Waze app on your mobile device and start navigating you to your selected destination.


If you don’t have Waze installed you can install it for free from one of the links below.

Apple device click here to go to the Apple App Store  

Blackberry devices can also install the app for free by clicking here 

For a Samsung or other Android click here 

Some information and tips for Waze.

For those of you that never heard of Waze it’s a GPS map app that uses the data from everyone online so it knows what the fastest routes are and can pretty accurately calculate your travel times. Its also pretty good at notifying you of police ahead, debris in the road or accidents. You also have a lot of neat social options to meet people and share locations.


Waze was recently bought by Google and Google is starting to implement some of the Waze social sharing features on their Google interactive maps.


In the United States not as many users use Waze but in Panama its widely used with 500 to 2,000 users actively using Waze in Panama City alone at any given moment.

waze map

Once you have Waze installed you have to make sure your GPS option is enabled on your Smartphone. I have Bluetooth on my radio so when I navigate with Waze the Waze women is telling me where to turn and when a police or accident is ahead comes out on my radio speakers. Waze will work with Spanish as well and I think they have a male voice for those of you that would rather have a man tell you what to do.

Every place that we list that has a location we configure this take me there feature, we want you to be able to spend more time having fun and less time just trying to get to where the fun is.

Waze has a feature that you can look at the traffic from your PC as well Click here to access

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