Flower & Coffee Festival Boquete

Friday, January 10, 2014, is the opening day of a fair that brings together the beauty and color of flowers, the thriving Boquete coffee industry, commerce and entertainment, all in one place. The cool climate and aroma of freshly ground coffee attracts both national and foreign visitors.

Of course we are talking about none other than the annual Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair, also known as the Fair of Boquete, located in the province of Chiriquí. This prominent and well-attended event is a key part of the tourism development in a country and a province that have much to offer.

Objectives of the Fair

Contribute to the development of our country’s agricultural, trade, tourism, craft and culture production by promoting their most outstanding features, such as efficiency, quality and productivity.

Disseminate the vast cultural diversity that is present at each fair.

Support local and foreign artisans in their income generation by promoting the sale of their products, and providing incentives to encourage a higher quality of products.

Present a unique and colorful event, the first of the year, to Panamanian and international society.

Show national and international tourists all the attributes that the Boquete region has to offer.

The History of the Boquete Flower Festival

The Fair of Flowers and Coffee is a nonprofit organization created by Act No. 40, its first inception is given as Coffee Festival in 1950.

Initially, the exhibition was an intermittent event being held only when the community was organized for it.

From 1950-1969 the Coffee Festival, as it was called then, was performed only four times (1950, 1957, 1961 and 1969).

On April 9, 1970, one day before the opening of the fifth festival, the district was affected by severe flooding. Faced with this adversity, Boquete, far from giving up, decided a year after establishing a permanent basis, an exhibition to show the country the best of its production, its flowers and coffee.

One in three boqueteños lost his home and historical review of the Festival of Flowers and Coffee recorded that in 1971, a year after the tragedy, with the initiative of Carlos Enrique Landau, Alberto Federico de Alba and the presidency José Isabel Ruiz held the sixth festival coffee.

Works were constructed to beautify the town and the festival queen was Miss Brenda Aguilar. Medical Park Sunday was the scene of the festival, according to the review.

From 1973 Coffee Festival became Fair Flowers and Coffee and then until 1991 was done in April.

At the beginning of the 90 date of the festival was changed to January, to take advantage of the dry season. Since then, the fair Boquete is performed for 10 days.

The Fair of Flowers and Coffee is one of the best shows at the national level, the organization and execution of the event has a series of planning and the most important is the preparation of the grounds given to start in May. The gardens are the main attraction featuring the Festival of Flowers and Coffee, it is located in a privileged area in the district of Boquete, along the Caldera River. Each year several varieties of flower seeds from United States, Canada and France are acquired, to present a lucid event each year.

Fair compose community members belonging to different Governmental Entities Associations and Cooperatives, such as the Agricultural Development Bank, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, IPAT, Lions Club of Boquete Boquete, Active Club 20 – 30 Boquete, Association of Pensioners and Retired Boquete, Ministry of Agricultural Development, Municipality of Boquete. The Fair of Flowers and Coffee is open throughout the year, organizing and planning the exhibition event every year in the month of January, in addition to this the Orchid Expo, held in the month is celebrated March and April, to highlight the beauty of this plant.

The Fair of Flowers and Coffee which is organized in the District of Boquete Majestic, offers visitors the main entertainment. During the fair crafts event can be purchased (domestic and foreign), plant sale, candy, promotion, in order countless items and services of this event.

Throughout these years we have the participation of national and foreign exhibitors during each event exhibition delight us with their various exhibitions. Boquete itself, in every event organized beauty of landscapes, nature, lush gardens and spectacular weather highlights. Additional to this the Festival of Flowers and Coffee offers the community in general the self Premises to organize different activities, plant sales throughout the year.

The Mission and Vision of the Board is to promote lucid Exhibition events that leave Boquete in a privileged position and meet the expectations of visitors, both domestic and foreign, which is why events are organized in order to establish a precedent that Best of Panama Fair, is the Festival of Flowers and Coffee.

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