About the School

The Anglo Mexican Bilingual School was founded in Panama under an honorable family tradition of passing the half century since the first under that name opened in Mexico in 1941.

The ideal that propelled its creators was to provide its students with the qualities required to meet the modern reality of today’s technological world, giving them a broad based bilingual man, fundamental knowledge and executive ability to break into a company increasingly demanding.

A date is a school that has the Pre – School (Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten), Primary, Secondary, High School Graduates in: Science, Commerce, Arts, Tourism, Computing.

Leading the way as the first with Intelligent Classroom College and has 2 calendars.

Schedule A (March to December) Schedule B (August to June)

The first batch of Bachelors in Panama was in 1991 and we are proud to have students who excel in the various fields of culture, enterprise and the national sport.


The Colegio Anglo Mexicano began work 1st. In December 1976, in the urbanization La Loma de Pueblo Nuevo, in order to provide care from birth to four years, childcare and Pre-Kindergarten. In 1979, he joined the Anglo Mexican national educational system and with a full Pre-School, Kindergarten, a Panamanian Director and all the requirements demanded by the Ministry of Education school.

In 1980, due to the demand of the students who finished Kindergarten and wanted to continue with us by the inhabitants of the La Loma, we had to move to Bella Vista, to a larger location with better potential for expansion, including complete primary.

In 1986, we opened the first cycle to meet the demand of these students leaving our classrooms and asked us for high school courses, for which we acquired a new building, located on Calle 43 Bella Vista, between Justo Arosemena and Via Spain.

Currently the school has Basic Level General and Media Level with high school graduates: a Bachelor of Science, Literature and Philosophy, a Bachelor of Commerce with Emphasis on Computerized Accounting, a Bachelor of Arts with Emphasis in Tourism Services. Have a multimedia classroom, where young people learn skills in everything related to computers and technology.

Since 1995 Lic. María Teresa Martínez start negotiations with the Ministry of Education to open an International Calendar, arriving in Panama and many foreigners whose children were not able to continue their studies quotas on your calendar, and had to wait until 6 months. Thank God they got in the Ministry of Education and the support of Professor José De La Rosa and in 2004 we authorized the operation of both school calendars.

We feel great satisfaction that students who entered the school in this calendar for one or two years have had to travel to their home countries when they return back to Anglo Mexicano. Today we Panamanian students, Mexican, Costa Rican, Cuban, Colombian, Ecuadorian   , Spanish , Hindus, Muslims, Americans, Nicaraguans, Peruvians, Salvadorans, Venezuelans, Russians, Portuguese, Chilean, Argentine and Italian.

The school belongs to the Panamanian Association of Private Schools in Panama (APACEP), which has been featured in participation.


The Anglo-Mexicano Bilingual School has first cycle, Bachelor of Science, Literature and Philosophy, with Perito fourth year (Bachillerato Unico), Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting Multimedia (Peachtree).

Laboratories currently has:

  • Science
  • Computing
  • Intelligent Classroom
  • Library

Admission Requirements

1. Complete membership application.

2. Attend the interview with guardians.

3  Making entrance exam

  • Spanish
  • Mathematics
  • English

4. Psychological Examen.
5. Documents:  Four passport-size photographs, medical certificate of good health, starting school birth certificate (original and copy), copy of passport and immigration card foreigners credits (model F), letter of conduct.