Colegio Real de Panama ( Royal College of Panama )

Colegio Real de Panama was founded in 1997. 

We are committed to training young integrals, we make emphasis on training in ethical and moral values ??and we have a program of academic excellence that seeks emotional balance and intellectual growth, under terms of respect, cooperation and sensitivity, to reach a compromise on behalf of the institution and the country. 

Our school has a beautiful facility for the convenience of students. We are located in one of the most accessible areas of the country just minutes from various urban areas of the city.


The Royal College of Panama, has modern and spacious facilities to provide its students with comfort, large areas efficiently to develop the teaching-learning process. With spacious lounges, well equipped, with air conditioning illuminated, harbor around 28 students per classroom. We also have science labs, computers, audiovisual and art room, library, special education classroom, as well as soccer and basketball outdoors. The construction of a modern and efficient gym is the next and final step to building on the grounds of estimated 2009 staff. In the area of preschool, we only play area for the little ones, and how salons, Games and bathrooms. was also boasts ample parking and security gate.


The curriculum REAL COLLEGE OF PANAMA, covers pre-primary and secondary school levels, all bilingual. These levels are divided according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, as follows:

  • Early Childhood Education Pre-K and Kindergarten:  2 years.
  • General Basic Education (1st to 6th Grade):  6.
  • Pre-School Education (7th to 9th grade.):  3 years.
  • Media Education: (10th-12th):  3 years.

Within the school curriculum include:

  • English:  We provide the opportunity for students to understand the social importance INGES language and means of communication in different situations of everyday life, using this language in oral and written form. We provide situations in which students can understand oral texts and related situations and upcoming events and acquaintances. Develop the habit of reading, to make it a useful tool, in addition to offering the basic tools for grammar correct use of language, through a continuing program of Intesa and the teaching of this language as a first language.
  • Spanish:  Met the learner understand the social importance of language as a means of communication between humans contribute to it correctly express their ideas orally and in writing, also developing the habit of reading to make it useful instrument.
  • Math:  We contribute to the development of learner attitudes to appreciate the role of mathematics in everyday life, enjoy its use and recognize the value of accuracy in finding solutions to mathematical problems.
  • Science:  We provide the opportunity for the student to achieve significant and integrated environment for living and learning functions, the human body and health, living beings and the environment, the earth and the cosmos as part of understanding themselves and the world around him.
  • Social Studies:  We support learning about life in society, population and human activities, historical aspects highlighted in the universal culture.
  • Computing:  From First Grade children receive computer classes in a well equipped laboratory. Students become familiar with them from pre-school.
  • Recreational matter:  Within the curriculum, we have music and art classes.
  • Physical Education:  track and field sports are practiced, as activities that encourage teamwork

Costs for 2014


Costs For 2014

• First entrance fee: B/.1,000.00
• Registration
Little brothers B. 500.00
Panamanians B /. 700.00
Foreign B/.1,000.00

Academic year 2014
10 Fees:
PK and K 268.00
1 °, 2 ° and 3 ° 294.00
4 °, 5 ° and 6 ° 325.00
7 °, 8 ° and 9 ° 350.00
10 °, 11 ° and 12 ° 376.00
• End of year (preschool): B /. 35.00
• Share of first communion (3rd / 4th): B /. 50.00
• Graduation fee (12 °): B /. 200.00
• Yearbook fee (per family): B /. 25.00
• Asoc. Parents (by family): B/. 45.00