Country Kitchen

One focused on the fresh, in the historical roots of the epicenter, the Barbate fishermen of his childhood in Spain, in travel and lived in the influences of Europe, Africa, Asia and America, which as mestizaje kitchen that inspires , which is baked in the brain of Manuel Maduro, alias Manolo Caracol, and processed to shoot one of his genius kitchen consonant with how you feel, how you live:

Generous of spirit, generous pocket, abundant creativity, as the tropics that has accepted it.

The owner of Manolo Caracol, Manuel Maduro born in Barbate, Andalucia, in the second half of the twentieth century. He works as a bookseller, chef and art dealer and joins her three great passions in the footsteps of one of his heroes, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Manolo is generous of spirit and has abundant creativity, which applies in all their actions. Appointing its first restaurant in Villa de Leiva, Colombia, in honor of the Florentine master: Los Tres Caracoles Panama conquers another, eponymous, to finally create the actual restaurant, Manolo Caracol in Casco Viejo istmeña capital.

Menu Manolo Caracol