Setting a New Standard of Excellence in Education

The Metropolitan School of Panama is a new private school that opened its doors in August of 2011, and is already setting a new standard of excellence for private schools in Panama. Located within the City of Knowledge, Clayton, Panama City, the MET is currently offering classes to students in grades Pre-Kinder 3 to 10th grade and will expand one grade per year until it reaches 12th grade. Despite being a young school, the MET has experienced an exceptional growth and currently has more than 520 students of 38 different nationalities as well as over 110 faculty members of 20 different nationalities.

The MET is currently member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and is working towards obtaining international accreditation. The MET has already been granted official candidate status by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to offer the Primary Years Program (PYP), the Middle Years Program (MYP) as well as the Diploma Program (DP).

Multinational, with small class sizes, aiming towards accreditation for the International Baccalaureate Program, the MET offers a balanced University preparatory program integrating the very best of International and Panamanian curriculum that will allow mastery of English and Spanish and working knowledge of Mandarin. ??The MET places a strong emphasis on the arts, Panamanian culture, competitive athletics, cutting edge technology, and the promotion of values and community service, aiming to instill in all our students the skills, attitudes and judgment necessary to succeed in life.

The MET campus is located within the City of Knowledge, in Clayton, in an environment surrounded by lush rainforest, gracious urban design, spacious public parks and open spaces, and only a short walk away from the world famous Panama Canal.

About The City of Knowledge

 The City of Knowledge is a non-profit, private association, housed within 296 Acres, which hosts and promotes the establishment of investigative and innovative centers in the scientific, technological, humanistic and cultural fields. Today, this bio-diverse environment, with public, cultural and sports facilities, is a cornerstone for development based on innovation, entrepreneurial culture and sustainability.

To be admitted into the City of Knowledge, every organization must meet certain criteria that is aligned with the Foundation’s objectives: programs must demonstrate flexibility and innovation, have an international quality, show a willingness to synergize with the other components of their community, respect the environment and be part of a progressive urban development plan.

All this translates into a tight knit community of well-known organizations, including the United Nations Regional Offices, UNICEF, UNDP, the World Wide Fund For Nature, the Red Cross-Red Crescent Society, the World Bank, MarViva, the Latin America Special Olympics, and the Organization of American States, just to name a few, located within walking distance of our school.

Taking advantage of this privileged location, the MET works towards establishing links with several of these organizations to jointly develop educational programs and experiences for our students, which will undoubtedly complement the school’s curricular plan and give your children an unrivaled learning opportunity.

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Technology Throughout


The MET implements technology throughout its curriculum. This means that not only are classrooms equipped with the latest technological offerings for education, such as Smartboards in every classroom, but each child is also assigned a personal computer device to make the learning process interactive and fun. In this regard, the MET has deployed Apple technology throughout the school, with all students from Kinder onwards having access to their own personal devices – the preschoolers are provided with iPads and Apple Desktops in their classrooms; each Kindergarten through 5th Grade student is assigned their personal iPads; and students in 6th Grade and up receive a Mac laptop computer each, as well as an iPad.

In addition to the hardware, and surely more important, is the use that is given to this equipment. In this respect, the MET employs a senior technology specialist who works with each one of our teachers and with our Director of Curriculum to determine the best way to incorporate the use of technology into our rigorous curriculum, and to assist the teachers in selecting the most suitable interactive applications to complement the specific course material and content. Our technology specialist also ensures that the classroom technology (Smartboards and such) is being used appropriately and effectively.


Ipads-laptops-smartboards - Technology Program at the MET    1:1 Technology Device

Technology Room at the Metropolitan School in Panama    Class takes place at Technology Room - MET

Elementary School Students working with i-pad - MET Panama    Middle School Students working with Ipad - MET School Panama

Learning with the i-pad at the Metropolitan School of Panama    1:1 Technology Device Programe at the MET school in Panama

I-pad use in the classroom at the MET school in Panama    Student using smartboard during class at the MET

Primary School Student using a smartboard during math class     Use of Smartboards during class at the MET School in Panama