Roberto Nicholson Sierra through Jurani, Real Estate and Nicholson Real estate, is celebrating more than 50 years in the RealState Market.

In 1958, Attorney Robert Nicholson, founded JURANI, Property Management company with his partner Julio Jurado (RIP), and in January 1996 opened the doors to the property market NICHOLSON REAL ESTATE, S. A., family business management, sales, rentals, insurance, legal advice, coordination of appraisals, and general maintenance, always with the purpose of providing the best service to its customers.

Property Management

Nicholson Real State specializes in the property management, custody and preservation of your property within the territory of the Republic of Panama. Our company has extensive experience, infrastructure, administrative, accounting and trained personnel to fully comply with all obligations undertaken within the service management with highly qualified and experienced in the field of property management in the Republic of Panama.
As requirements for managing your property


Nicholson Real State with over fifty years of experience in real estate agrees to assist and cooperate in every way, which will facilitate the sale of the property or properties, since it has the expertise and qualification license necessary for the brokerage.


Nicholson Real State provides leasing properties, has the expertise necessary qualification and licensing for brokering.

Legal Advice

Nicholson Real State, has the support of NICHOLSON & NICHOLSON, law firm with 12 years of experience, their lawyer ar Emilia Nicholson and Robert Nicholson, a team of professionals, that are dedicated to provide advisory services and legal consultancy.
Also supported by its extensive experience and reputation in local and transnational companies offer real estate legal services in order to meet the requirements of our customers and prospects.
His work involves the drafting of Deeds, Powers of Attorney, Contracts, Loans, Mortgages, Cancellations, Wills, Social Pacts.

General Maintenance

Taking into consideration the nature of the business that the company has Nicholson Real State felt the need to give an alternative to our customers a company engaged in the maintenance of the properties such as RANITA, whose CEO and Legal Representative is Robert Nicholson Quintero, who under the supervision of personnel outsourcing qualified in the areas of Carpentry, Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing, Gypsum, painting, gardening, changing locks and general services.

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