Panagas tanks are easily identified by the blue strip painted on the tanks. below is some key info on panagas but please refer to thier site at for complete and up to date saftey information.

LPG DE PANAMA, SA , is a company that through its Panagas ® trademark, is on track to meet 50 years of providing our customers excellent service Global Quality.

Panagas ® since 1962 stored, packaged and distributed nationally, from border to border and ocean to ocean LIQUID PETROLEUM GAS.

Panagas ® visionary leader, projects with greater force, since we have the most modern plant of Gas-LP, in the region, with teams of high technology, which allows the container filled electronically and automated.

Panagas ® has a human strength, consisting of more than 200 employees across the country, offering ethically and constant professional assistance to the smallest detail, for our customers, suppliers and society in general. Similarly, we maintain a policy of professional development for our Management, Technical and Administrative staff.

Panagas ® continually invests in new technology in the turn of our industry, such as, storage tanks, fittings, pipes, delivery trucks, mobile billing terminals (PDT), among others, to strengthen the good image that has Panagas ®.

Panagas ® fully complies with all applicable local and international security, both of the LP-Gas market, as well as the rules and accounting / financial procedures.

Domestic / Residential Use
Cylinders 25 lbs:

Subsidized by the Government for the benefit of social classes with improving purchasing power.

Easily purchased from Supermarkets, Grocery stores, Super Mini, kiosks and service stations.






50 Gallon Tank:

Gls stationary tank 50. residences for high-LP Gas consumption. They visit to dispatch or fill LP-Gas fortnightly or monthly according to household consumption, without having to call Panagas.



Cylinders 60 and 100 Pounds:

For domestic and local eateries as low-lp gas consumption use. It is delivered through our delivery trucks or through Authorized Distributors.

Its installation requires specialized technical personnel with expertise provided by the Bureau of Fire Safety.



BBQ Cylinders:

Cylinder 20 pounds to be filled in Plants Panagas.