Restaurant Rincon Suizo

A small, and intimate restaurant, the Rincon Suizo specializes in a variety of Swiss dishes, Including: Raclette and CheeseFondue, Wienerschnitzel, Sauerkraut, Sausages, Veal, plusFresh Seafood. The famous chef Willy Diggelmann assures that his Swiss dishes are unsurpassed. The Rincon Suizo is combined with Restaurant Bar 1985 in a converted townhouse close to the Hotel El Panamo. See: Today’s Specials

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The Restaurant 1985 and Rincon Suizo
The Restaurant 1985 and Rincon Suizo offer also private rooms for your lunch or dinner party
Sal?n Chasselas
Salon Chasselas for up to 10 persons
Sal?n Napa Valley
Salon Napa Valley for up to 20 persons
The Wine Cellar  "La Cava"
The Wine Cellar  “La Cava” for up to 10 persons