PanamaCity.Travel is the most complete and detailed directory of Hotels, Restaurants, Parks, Tours, Places of interest, Doctors, transportations, real estate and legal services as well as links to many government offices, news sources and events in the Republic of Panama.

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PanamaCity.Travel is a must have service for foreigners traveling to Panama but also a valuable consolidation of places to go, events and services offered for the average Panamanian or long term resident.

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PanamaCity.Travel was designed to be easy to use and provide as much information as possible on what you are looking for with each listing have detailed contact info like Phone numbers, emails, social media accounts, address, map of the location, helpful pictures and videos as well as user comments.

PanamaCity.Travel is not only fully mobile compatible but also offers a special Waze-Me-There Feature. It’s simple as one click, just look thru our directory and find the location you want to go to and with a single click on the Waze-Me-There Icon and Waze will automatically open and start navigating you to your desired location.  Just install the waze app on your mobile device and bookmark our web site and your ready to navigate that Panama traffic you have heard so much about.


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