ENSA   Grupo – epm


Company model, socially responsible, committed to the well-being of its customers, quality and reliability of the service provided and the socio-economic development of Panama.


Distribute and sell electricity to our customers; maintaining and ensuring a workforce motivated, trained and committed to excellence, efficiency and reliability of the service we provide; Optimizing processes that exceed industry standards, to meet the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders.


  • Team work
  • Integrity
  • Service culture
  • Social responsibility
  • Security


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(natural or legal person)

1. Copy of the document of identity (identity card or passport); and in the case of a legal person must submit a copy of the certificate of a public registry of society (which should not exceed twelve months of age)

  • · Note: if I don’t present the holder of the new provision, the person acting on its behalf must present a letter of authorization and a copy of your personal identity document. In the case of a legal person, the legal representative should submit a notarized power and copy of the identity document

2. Copy of the occupation permit issued by the Corps of firemen, for new installations not occupied.

3. Pay deposit guarantee and connection, according to current rate.

4. In cases of construction or temporary facilities, must attach permission issued by the municipality and supported by the Cuerpo de Bomberos.


  • For installation the main switch most of 200 amps or three-phase system, must present an electric plane that meets the requirements of contending in the Manual of rules and conditions for the provision of the public service of distribution of electricity available in www.ensa.com.pa section for customers